Thursday, August 5, 2010


It has been a long time since we updated you on our movements at Stoney Rise, but first I need to tell you about our friend Mike. He came to help during vintage but left us all too soon.

You will have seen some photo's of him but you really need to get to know the man.

He found out a lot about himself while he was here, and he also learnt that it can be fun to work hard and only get paid food and booze. There is much more to be told of Mike and his importance to our story.

He spent time with our child and gave him some lessons in social graces, and the politically correct way to fart, and how it is really cool to fart with you mates, but not when there are girls around, and also if you need to shit in a vineyard then make sure there are leaves on the vines, otherwise you will need to scrape your bum along the ground like a dog with worms.

He took his time here very seriously. He was very helpful, and was very good at making drinks and cooking breakfast.

We would have him back at any time, although my nearest neighbor was a bit unsure when he came to visit one day with his 9 year old daughter and Mike put NWA on the stereo. The most important thing Mike did while he was here was to go to the Exeter Market and purchase for me a very special Pipers Brook terracotta bottle cooler and some golf books. While he was there he bought an antique Buzz Lightyear doll, which he meant to take home with him but forgot. Buzz has now become the winery mascot, we take him everywhere and send photo's to Mike to show him what he is missing out on.

Love from Joe to Mike.

To keep up to date with Buzz's photographic adventures the please go to our Stoney Rise Facebook page.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our neighbour Hendo

So it has been a while. Just letting the ferments fizz away, some pressing, getting wine squared away in barrel, its all been happening... Seems the vintage is looking up. This year there has been some small batch ferments of fruit bought from separate sub-regional sites in other parts of Tasmania to have a look at some of the interesting differences possible from these distinct areas. It's all new for us, a first.

Meanwhile, when not considering these lofty thoughts, the pride of Tasmania often comes to visit. Here is our tractor driving neighbour, Hendo, and his special friend. Look how lovingly Hendo tends to his favourite person.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Late one afternoon a trio of likely looking lads wandered into the makeshift cellar door in the Stoney Rise barrel hall. A disturbed Mike, some 11 hours into work for the day, went through the motions for the guests, fearing that their presence was merely to come, load up on some good gear, before tyre kicking their way into another cellar door. Little did he know that this youthful mob were all winemakers. Steve and Ramses from Pipers Brook and young Duncan Lloyd, son of Mark Lloyd of Coriole fame, who is working at the moment at Josef Chromy.

Here they all are. What an afternoon! Some ferment gazing, some back vintage tasting. Look at Ramses, dude in the middle that looks shifty but enjoying his huge glass of Rose. Later that evening he managed to piss his pants... what a champ!

Meanwhile, isnt Dunc a sexy boy? And a personalised belt? Well, enough said really...

Mike, having done some full body pigeage that day, managed to leave a souvenir of his underpants on Duncan's car aerial... he drove off with them flapping in the wind.

Sometime later, after leaving Ramses with urine filled pants and Steve a stumbling, stuttering mess, we discovered that Steve's car had been stolen and the three lads ended up filling out incoherent police statements with local coppers about the missing vehicle. Great day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Compare & Contrast

small (stoney rise/holyman)

large (tamar ridge)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Get nude and get in

It begins.

Gettin a little sexier.

Now for the German, kinky stuff.

Speaks for itself really.

Small ferments, small parcels of fruit

As one can see Stoney Rise pretty much deals in small stuff. Small ferments take place in small tanks. The process is all hands on.

Sometimes its even all body on, rather than just hands.

Small parcels of fruit come in. Rat brings them in while singing Cold Chisel and other forms of Aussie pub rock;not because it helps the grapes, but because it arouses his levels of serotonin naturally. Rat loves arousal.

More exciting is tiny parcels of clonal Pinot Noir. Here lies some separate ferments of 115, 114, d4v6, 777 spur/cane and somewhere in there is some of the famed Abel clone. One says Abel clone with a reverent awe - why, because it bloody well is part of some high level conspiracy about a slack jawed NZ border patrol guard who stole cuttings from the world's greatest vineyard site off a hapless wine enthusiast who was trying to bring it in as contraband then the rubber necked security guard flogged it back to the vine nursery in NZ. This means when you plant it, a little bit of Domaine de la Romanee Conti is produced in your vineyard. Seriously, forget the soil type and elevation, the microclimate above Vosne Romanee and the years of horse drawn plowing, if you have this clone you are FUCKIN AMAZING and your vineyard shall be PAVED IN GOLD. Actually, it just produces really nice fruit, says Joe.

Look at these small parcels of separate clonal fruit fermenting under dark, mysterious cloaks. The cloaks make the finished wines even more complex and interesting.

Joe is looking to keep these parcels separate this year to see how each clone works from his single vineyard site. Though they wish to be joined in an unfettered orgy of Pinot Noir fruit, they are for this moment being kept in a forced state of abstinence.


New record for buckets stacked. Amazing effort to smash the previous record. Is there no limit to what Joe and Mike can achieve?

This of course improves wine quality at Stoney Rise by fine tuning hand eye coordination and logic skills.